Never worked with robots before? Don't know how to get started? Rover Team is a bit daunting? This might be the right place! Come join us now and find out how to build your first (or second) robot!

Everyone's Welcome!

The Sumobot team engineer small, autonomous robots designed to track down and push an opposing robot out of a ring. Competing in the annual McMaster Sumobot Competition, the Sumobot Team is a great place to work in a close-knit team to build up your skills in all areas of robotics. The team is open to all students, regardless of experience and major.

Join today and discover your new passion for robotics!


Winner Winner!

In 2018, York University earned first place at the McMaster Sumobot Competition. Our little sumo wrestlers are a force to be reckoned with!


Programming With Arduinos!

To make these little robots think, we need to give their microporcessors instructions to follow. With the power of Arudino C, they shall gains the brains to win the competition. Never programmed? Don't worry, our workshops are designed to get you started from nothing!

Join us now to gives these little bots the brains of Skynet (disguised in the body of a tiny bot).


Circuits! Circuit of life!

These little bots are centered around their simple circuit design. We already have a basic circuit laid out for you that you can modify to your liking! Want more or different sensors? Another motor for an arm? You can do it!

Join us now and hook up these bots into their Frankenstein potential! IT'S ALIVE!


CAD Modeling and 3D Printing.

Once you got your bot spinning its wheels, how do you hold it all together? You'll design your own enclosure using CAD! Some of our workshops will be dedicated to learning Fusion 360 and the quirks of 3D printing. Once it's all done, we will 3D print the parts for you so you can asseemble your bot.

Join us now to build your next tiny terrorizing bot.