Made out of 4 teams: Software, Science, Electrical and Mechanical. Pick your team (or pick multiple) and work to get the next rover onto mars. Scroll down to learn more or click here to join us!.

Software Team

The Software team writes the software in ROS, C++, and Python that controls the rover that is teleoperated from up to 1km away! Some tasks include Computer Vision for object detection or Inverse Kinematics control system for the arm for the Equipment Servicing task.

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Science Team

Interested in conducting scientific research and experiments? Ever wonder how biology, chemistry and engineering can all come together and help each other in the pursuit for knowledge, academic growth, and of course- in competitions? Then this is the subteam for you!

Get your mad scientist hat on and join us now!


Electrical Team

The Electrical team is responsible for designing the circuits and all hardware used on the rover! Some tasks include the power distribution and motor control system, and Radio direction finding to find a distressed astronaut in the Search and Rescue task.

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Mechanical Team

The mechanical team designs and builds our rovers that are used in competitions. If you prefer to get hands-on, then this is the sub-team for you! Designed in Fusion 360, examples of parts that the mechanical team has designed includes a cartesian/SCARA hybrid arm for the equipment servicing task, and a simplified rocker-bogie system for terrain traversal!

Join us now and steel the show with your design skills!