Our History
​​Founded in 2007 as the York Univeristy Rover Team (YURT), and restructured in 2013 as the York University Robotics Society (YURS), the society has been a part of York University's community for years. We have sent teams to events such as NASA's Lunabotic Mining Competition at the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida, The Mars Society's University Rover Challenge (URC) in Utah, the Canadian International Rover Challenge (CIRC) in Drumheller, Alberta, and the Centre of Surgical Invention and Innovation (CSII) in Ontario.
Moving ​Forward
York University Robotics Society empowers students to learn more about robotics. Whether it be hardware, software development, or mechanics - YURS aims to allow students of all skill levels to explore their interests. General members can take part in workshops held by our more experienced members, and are encouraged to use their skills to compete in both local and international robotics competitions.

Our team includes members coming from various disciplines including engineering, life sciences, graphical interface, and business. Through our partnership with the Lassonde School of Engineering at York University, we are given access to state of the art facilities, and maintain close connections with our knowledgeable staff.

Our Goals​​

  1. Learn
    We know robotics can seem daunting, that's why Robotics Society hosts workshops in various robotics related skills, designed for students in any program or skill level to come in and learn some thing new. Check out upcoming workshops here!
  2. Outreach
    As well as hosting workshops and events within the Lassonde School of Engineering, we hope to expand our effort beyond the school and help host programs for our future robotics students.
  3. Teams
    We are happy that we have continued to compete in the University Rover Challenge (URC) and Canadian International Rover Challenge (CIRC), as well as started our Sumobot Team, competing in the McMaster Sumubot Competition.
  4. Resources
    We are affiliated with the Lassonde School of Engineering and York University, giving us an amazing opportunity to have access to state of the art tools and facilities.